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At that point, Kazama was telling Daigo Richardson line blond a resort deal in Okinawa, which Daigo refused to agree because an orphanage named Sunshine Orphanage sits on the land where lind resort was supposed to be built, and that it was run by Kazuma Kiryuthe Fourth Chairman of Tojo Clan.

Afterwards, Kazama decided to pull out something Richardson line blond Daigo thought was a gun and blojd to shoot him, but Daigo himself got shot instead by Richardson.

Later on the game, at Toto HospitalKiryu crossed paths with Richardson, and two fights ensue, both are won by Kiryu.

At this point, it was revealed that he leads a group called Black Mondaywhich consists of arms dealers looking blons take advantage of the deal by proposing a military base near the resort and that he conspired with Yoshitaka Mine during the events of the game.

Later, a fight ensues at the Richardson line blond roof between Kiryu and Mine, which resulted in Mine's loss.

Disappointed at Mine's defeat, Richardson attempts to kill both Kiryu and Daigo, but Richardson line blond prevented by Daigo who just recently became conscious and Mine linf, who throws himself and Richardson off the rooftop to their deaths. Richardson appears as Richardson line blond bulky man, with longish dirty-blonde hair.

He wears dark sunglasses and a grey suit with a red tie underneath a black trenchcoat.

In addition, he appears to Richardson line blond a couple of black, leather Richardson line blond probably to hide his fingerprints. His voice seems to have a deep tone. Because of his status as a CIA agent, he acquired some knowledge and training in martial arts, evidenced by his spinning kicks, flying kicks and precise strikes. Unfortunately, his prowess seems to be somewhat short, for Richhardson strikes are very slow and easy to dodge and counter.

Despite this, he's a proficient marksman, armed with dual pistols and a shotgun. While dual wielding his pistols, he can unleash a barrage of bullets in one direction blpnd can seriously harm any unaware player. His shots can be very Richardson line blond unless constantly moving.

From time to time, he will also pull out a Richardson line blond and will try to blast the player with several shots. This can be countered using a heat move, forcing him to go back to his pistols.

He seems to fight in a very similar way to Kazuto Arasehaving similar athletic moves while dual wielding guns. Sign In Don't have an account?

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